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Not all Classrooms have four walls!

Outdoor learning has a whole host of benefits: it's proven to raise attainment; allow for the development of life skills such as resilience, problem solving and communication; and have a huge impact on emotional well-being. 


Here, at Heathfield, we use the outdoor environment as an extension of the curriculum and to build an understanding of enterprise. One of the activities our children are passionate about is our allotment. They grow and sell fruit, vegetables and even jam in order to make profit. They love foraging in Autumn too! 

The children who enjoy 'Forest School Fridays' have also become skilled at using tools, such as saws and hammers, to make items including tables and planters. Following recent fund raising through allotment sales we have managed to purchase a wider variety of tools so that they can increase their skills. These cross-curricular activities also allow for the application of maths and literacy skills.

The children absolutely love this opportunity as these comments show:

•    We love learning with Mrs Bear Grylls. She has taught us how to light fires, plant seeds, make smores and use saws.
•    We love the allotment. It's nice and peaceful and we can hear the birds twittering.
•    We get to grow and eat our own vegetables. We also sell them to staff.
•    We do maths, English, art and science outside.

Here are some of our wonderful photos of our trips, Forest School and celebration days

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