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At Heathfield Primary we believe that Music should be an enjoyable and stimulating experience which will encourage children to keep enjoying music throughout their lives.  Music increases self confidence and when children play and sing together it provides a sense of community, belonging and achievement.  Music is taught as a class subject with the aim of developing each child’s musical potential by giving opportunities for self expression and creativity.


The National Curriculum aims to ensure that all pupils perform, review, listen to and evaluate a range of musical styles.  Children are taught to use their voices expressively with a chance to join the school choir in KS2.   As well as being given the opportunity to play, create and compose on the glockenspiel from an early age, the Durham Music service provide whole class tuition in year 3 learning a musical instrument.  The online resource Charanga Music is used to support teachers’ delivery of the music National Curriculum to ensure that the key elements of music are delivered effectively.

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