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Maths Curriculum

At Heathfield, we are committed to creating confident and fluent mathematicians who can apply their knowledge of maths to reason and solve problems independently.


We seek to provide all children with a solid foundation in maths by placing a high emphasis on the teaching of number and arithmetic skills. Effective retrieval of knowledge is encouraged through carefully planned and targeted questioning, opportunities for over-learning of key concepts in daily maths meetings and a well-structured assessment system, which helps target and address children’s misconceptions.


Within lessons, we use concrete and pictorial strategies, before progressing to more abstract methods, to help develop children’s confidence and promote deeper thinking for all learners. Our calculation policy also incorporates these ‘key representations’ to allow for consistent teaching and smooth progression throughout the curriculum. Talk tasks enable children to practise taught concepts, as well as providing opportunities to develop their use of mathematical language. Problem solving is woven into teaching in a progressive and supportive manner to help children make links with taught concepts, rather than taught in separate ‘chunks’.


To view more information about mathematics by year group for each half term, please click on the links below:

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