Maths Curriculum

At Heathfield Primary School, we aim to support children in becoming confident and competent mathematicians. We provide pupils with the skills they need to tackle all key areas of maths during their time here and the ability and resilience to solve a range of questions involving mathematical reasoning and problem solving. We do this through high quality teaching which builds not only skills and understanding but also confidence around the use and application of mathematical equipment and vocabulary.


Children are taught the formal methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We have clear progression in methods across the school and these methods are set out in our calculation policy. 


Children are expected to know their times tables up to 12 x 12 by the end of Year 4 and should practise these at home as well as school.  Our children respond enthusiastically to our whole-school award system (see below) that supports them in learning their tables. They must pass the test, with all answers correct and within two minutes, before moving up to the next level. Prizes are awarded at certain points to recognise the achievement.

Maths Mastery is now up and running in Reception, Year 1, and Year 2.  As we are only one of two schools to be involved in the project in the North East, we feel this is an exciting opportunity for our children. This programme is proven to help raise attainment in maths and will have a positive impact on our school.

Many of our teachers involved in the programme have been on some fantastic training courses in Manchester, Sheffield and London, to ensure that they have all the knowledge they need to make this a success.

Even though Maths Mastery is only being taught currently, as a whole project, in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, all classes across school are adopting elements of the programme to ensure a consistent approach is teaching mathematics is evident. Maths Meetings are one of the elements that has been rolled out across school. These are 10-15 minutes basic maths sessions that aim to encourage children to love maths. Using songs, chants and many other strategies these are sure to be lots of fun!


Please click here to see the PowerPoint that was delivered to parents, for more information.

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