History at Heathfield is a creative curriculum that will help children have an understanding of their past and how history will shape their future. We encourage the children to engage in fun lessons and learning opportunities to explore Britain and the wider world, to give them a sense of understanding and belonging. We endeavour to give the children as many hands on experiences as possible by using artefacts from the past, exploring historical sites on school trips and inviting visitors into school to widen our understanding.


As a school, we believe that high-quality history lessons inspire pupil’s curiosity to ask questions and in turn developing a deeper understanding of the subject. To facilitate this we, as a school, are taking an approach where the children will make a ‘Museum in the classroom’ this will encourage the children to look at, research and then share information about artefacts and events from the past.

History Heritage Award.jpg

Heathfield has recently been awarded the ‘Heritage Schools Award’ by the Department for Education. We would not have received this if we weren’t so interested in History school wide, Mr Smith had applied for this award and sent off examples of work, homework, listed all the trips linked to history we have at Heathfield and even the mini museums classes create within their rooms! Thank you everyone for all your effort and hard work! Together we can make learning fun and create a proud History at Heathfield!