Year 1

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Year 1 and our teachers Miss Haywood and Mr Dipple, Hawthorn class and myself, Mrs Bowser, KS1 Lead and teacher of Cherry class. Alongside our support staff, Mrs Wallace and Mrs King.


This year, as well as learning key skills in English and Maths, your children will be learning through topic - based activities.

These will include:



·         Why did the Three Little Pigs use Bricks to Build Their House?

·         How do the seasons affect our weather

·         What grows in our Garden?

·         Animals and Our Senses


Geography and History:

·         What toys did my grandparents play with?

·          Why is it important to have people who help- us?

·         Where Do I Live and what makes it Special?

·         Would you rather be a Town Mouse or a Country Mouse?



·         What does it mean to be a Christian?

·         Why do we receive gifts at Christmas?

·         What can we learn about Christianity from visiting a church?

·         Why is Jesus Special to Christians?

·         What is the Easter Story

·         What do Hindus Believe about God?

·         How do Hindus Show Belonging?


So, come and join us on this amazing journey through Year 1 and watch your children’s knowledge and experiences grow before your eyes!

Christmas Craft Afternoon

December 05, 2019

Parents came into school and enjoyed doing crafts with the children.

Geography - Where do I live and what makes it special?

September 25, 2019

Our new topic is Geography. In our first lesson the children explored the grounds of the school. They will be making plans, using google maps and compasses and then finishing with a trip around Darlington town centre.

Science - Three Little Pigs

September 16, 2019

What materials did the Three Little Pigs use to build their house?

Our first topic this term was Science and the children investigated the best material to build a house. They explored different materials and looked at their properties. The children then designed and made their houses to see if they could withstand a puff from the big bad wolf!

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