Restorative Justice

At Heathfield, we are READY, RESPECTFUL and SAFE.

Restorative approaches help develop a happier school where the focus is on learning not conflict. We hope your child will enjoy coming to school because they feel safe and respected and they know that when things go wrong, we will do all that we can to help put things right.

At Heathfield, we have started using ‘restorative approaches’ to improve behaviour and build community. This information will help you to understand some of the things that children at Heathfield might come home and talk to you about.


All pupils are encouraged to be aware not only of their own needs but of those of others. We aim to develop the values of respect, tolerance, self-control, resilience and responsibility. Wherever there are people, conflict arises; how the individuals affected deal with it is what makes the difference. Working restoratively teaches our young people that the consequences of their actions have an impact on others.


Check In & Check Out: At different times during the day or week, adults will encourage all pupils to say something about themselves and how they are feeling.


Restorative Thinking: Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and to put things right before conflict arises through the use of restorative chats.


Listening: Children and adults work hard to be good listeners. The emphasis is on trying to understand what the other person is feeling and showing this through appropriate body language.


Restorative Language: This is a fair and respectful way of speaking to each other and we will expect all children and adults in school to use it. When our pupils find themselves in conflict, we will ask them:

 What happened?

 What were you thinking?

 Who did it affect?

 What needs to happen to put things right?

 How can you stop this happening again?


Peer Mentors: Some of our Y5s and Y6s have been trained as Peer Mentors so that they can support other pupils during play- and lunchtimes. They will be visible on the playground so that pupils can approach them if they have a concern.


Restorative Conference: Anyone involved in conflict at school, may be asked to attend a conference. This is a meeting with everyone involved to:

 Discuss what is happening

 Think about who has been affected

 Decide how it can be put right

 Find a way forward


…in a way that is fair to everyone

Morning Welcome: All staff stand on classroom doors at the beginning of each day. Children are encourage to pick the welcome that they would like, for example a hug, high-five etc. The purpose of this, is that the child has positive contact with the adult in the classroom at the start of the day. We want every child to feel welcome at our school and we think this starts the day off in the best way. 

Self-Registration: After the child has received their morning welcome, they self-register on the board to indicate whether they feel happy or sad. This gives the teacher a heads up as to which children may need a chance to talk at some point in the day. 

Marvellous Me: This app has been introduced (2019/2020 academic year) to support communication between home and school. We want to use this to give specific praise to our children for the positive behaviours that they are demonstrating across the whole of the school. 


Restorative conversations are not a ‘soft’ option. They require the wrongdoer to accept responsibility for their actions and to find a way to put things right, including assuring the victim that it won’t happen again.


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